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Austria: retrograde to return to normal life in the coronavirus

The Minister of Health stated that the Austrian government promises to report the epidemic situation in Austria once a week. Austria has successfully passed the first stage. Although the number of people has increased occasionally, the control is still very good. The second stage is the most difficult, and slowly return to life. If we are not careful, we will still face a bad situation, such as the coronavirus counterattack. Therefore, we need to stay vigilant and take precautions.

The Austrian Minister of Health also stated in a press conference that May is a crucial month, all stores have resumed business from 2nd May and Austria is facing new challenges. It will not increase significantly if we can do it, means that we have taken a big step in the second stage!

Austria ’s Minister of the Interior Karl Nehammer (VP) also said that the most important thing for controlling the coronavirus is to take social responsibility as his own responsibility. The police are partners rather than mandatory monitors. As everyone actively cooperates, the number of fines has begun to decrease, but he reminds everyone that should not lower our guard and must cooperate with government policies!
As the Austrian Minister of Health said, the May is the key to Austria ’s coronavirus control! At present, European countries have no experience to learn from, and some Asian countries have encountered difficulties in the process of "opening up". The Austrian Ministry of Health will continue to closely track the effect of the gradual unblocking, and hope that all people will continue to strictly abide by the health and safety regulations such as keeping the distance. However, Austria has played the role of leader and path breaker in the European coronavirus control. The rapid response of the government and the full cooperation of the people have played a key role. I believe that in the near future, Austria can be used as a European teaching template to lead Europe is out of the predicament of the coronavirus!

The novel coronavirus has gradually improved and normal life is just around the corner. Again, in order to prevent policy tightening after the epidemic, please seize the opportunity.

Austrian quota immigration requirements:
1. Non-criminal record;
2. College degree or above or German A1 level;
3. 45,000 euros of bank deposit;
4. Bank statement for six months;

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