Why choose us
    Why choose us

Pioneers in residence and Civil rights planning

WZ&P is the expert in residence and citizenship planning. There are hundreds of clients and advisors rely on our expertise and experience. Our highly qualified professionals work together as one team worldwide.

As globalization rises, residence and citizenship planning have become extremely important for entrepreneurs, investors and wealthy individuals whom we serve every day.

We also run government advisory practice that has been involved in strategic consulting, design and operating successful residence and Civil rights programs.

Professionals in Real Estate market

People are always looking for appropriate properties to live or invest. We have been providing properties from small apartments to mansions. Our properties are located across the globe with significant values for investment.  

Business Solutions Tailored to your needs

At WZ&P, we also provide strategic planning, financial structuring etc. to our clients. Our business is helping you make the most of your business. Often that means adding an international dimension to what you do, and WZ&P is the best-positioned resource to help with critical strategic initiatives like financial structuring, market analysis, partner selection, deal development and even international tax planning.

Expert international business consultants

We are also your international business consultants. If you’re doing business internationally, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Financial structuring. Market analysis. Partner selection. Deal development. The list goes on and on. While you’re trying to accomplish all this, the marketplace is fluid, dynamic, continually changing. Yesterday’s strategies may have no application today. It’s like trying to hit a moving target while standing on a boat in choppy seas. While juggling. WZ&P is your single source for all the services you need to succeed in the international arena – from business strategy to asset protection, from financial guidance to help with all the international issues large and small. Providing the assistance, you need to excel in your business and live free is what we see as our core business. 

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