Startups, new companies and business restructuring
Startups, new companies and business restructuring

Whether you are starting a new company or feel that it is time to restructure your existing business, choosing the right legal entity structure and establishing it correctly is vital. When you choose the right structure for your company, it can greatly improve your bottom line and financial dealings, protect you from liability and save you money that you might otherwise spend on taxes. The professionals at WZ&P have extensive experience in business development and entity formation and are able to provide international business consulting for help with a number of different matters, including trusts, offshore and onshore companies, offshore bank accounts, banking licenses, asset protection, privacy, gambling licenses and a myriad of other related issues. Our team offers you the expertise and knowledge that you need to set up an enterprise that is completely legal and appropriate across numerous international jurisdictions.

In some jurisdictions, it is possible to achieve tax and other benefits simultaneously, including asset protection, privacy and more.
When you plan to have a multinational business, it is important that you understand that each different jurisdiction has its own set of complex rules and regulations. If you do not structure or set up your business correctly, it may satisfy the rules of one jurisdiction while violating the laws of another.

When we work with our clients to set up or to restructure their businesses, we always make certain to listen before we give advice. This is important because we must make certain that the advice that we offer is appropriate for you, your situation and your business. There is not a one-size-fits-all structure or strategy for businesses, so we recommend tailored solutions that address your business and personal needs. WZ&P values your privacy and confidentiality, guarding it at all times to ensure that no information about your business strategy and plans ever leak out to the public.

WZ&P is at the forefront of the business development, planning and structuring sector, and we can help you in many different ways. We are able to assist you with setting up your company, restructuring your business, getting yacht and jet registrations, obtaining gambling licenses, establishing trusts and helping with setting up bank accounts in multiple jurisdictions. The professional consultants at WZ&P have unparalleled experience in these areas and understand all of the important details that are required in order to ensure that your business enterprise will be completely legally compliant in any national or international jurisdiction that fits your particular needs the best.

When we work with you on your business startup or restructuring strategy, we will begin by listening to your objectives, goals and your general circumstances. We will then work to develop a comprehensive, tailored plan that will be designed according to your needs. At all times, we maintain the highest privacy and security standards regarding your financial and business affairs.

Choose WZ&P to help you with your startup or business restructuring needs
Choosing the correct structure for your business is complex, especially if you plan to operate in multiple jurisdictions. Every jurisdiction has its own set of regulations and rules governing business operations, and it is important that the structure you choose for your business will help you to comply with the myriad laws and rules that will be involved. This will require a high level of strategic planning and preparation to include ongoing and close contact with local officials, financial institutions and regulators. It will also be important to be able to understand the local customs and cultures of each jurisdiction in which you want to establish your business’s presence.
Extensive experience and knowledge for restructuring existing businesses and starting new ones
The professional team at WZ&P has a comprehensive knowledge base and the experience that you need to make certain that your business is set up in a completely legal manner in your chosen jurisdictions. We can help you to make certain that your company complies with all of the different rules and regulations in a variety of different jurisdictions while helping you to do so in a tax-advantaged manner.

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