Trusts, foundations and other structures
Trusts, foundations and other structures

The proper structure can offer tax advantages and business agility for success
How you structure your business will play a large role in its success or failure. When your company is properly structured, it will position you for tax advantages while also providing a solid foundation from which your business can operate. Good business structuring can also offer your business the flexibility that it requires so that you can pursue its business mission. If you structure your business in a manner that is not well-thought out, your business may not be agile enough to take advantage of the available opportunities, and it might also violate local regulations and laws.

WZ&P can help you to develop a trust, corporate structure, foundation or another proper entity that is well-suited to your needs while also being 100 percent in compliance with the local laws and rules of the jurisdictions in which your business operates.

Derive benefits from an advantaged and legally compliant business structure
Business formation both domestically and internationally in more than 80 countries
Creation of trusts and foundations
Registration of branches for foreign corporations
Corporate management and administration
Identification and nomination of fiduciary shareholders and directors
Recruitment and hiring of managers and secretaries
Procurement of real estate for registered and representative offices
Completion of financial statements, audits and accounting functions
Creation, maintenance and updating of statutorily required records
Preparation and filing of tax returns
Assistance with day-to-day tasks involved with the management of the business
Our consultants can also help your company to establish subsidiaries, representative offices and branch offices in foreign jurisdictions. Each different type of entity or structure offers its own potential benefits.

Your business’s underlying structure is the key
The experienced business and finance consultants at WZ&P are able to help you to complete corporate structures or other legal entities that may best suit your needs. We work to make sure that your business’s structure is 100 percent legally compliant with the laws and regulations that exist in its jurisdiction and internationally. Our consultants are in regular communication with local authorities in the jurisdictions in which our clients’ businesses are formed and operate in order to help to prevent them from inadvertently violating laws.

We have experience with establishing many different business structures and legal entities as they are recognized in many jurisdictions. It is important to understand that businesses that expand internationally or that are formed in foreign jurisdictions may need to choose structures that differ from the ones that are commonly recognized in your local tax code. When you choose the correct structure, you may minimize the taxes that your business otherwises face while also adding a layer of protection from bureaucratic interference.

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