Poland Residence Permit
Poland Residence Permit

Poland , officially known as the Republic of Poland, is a country located in Central Europe. It is divided into 16 administrative subdivisions, covering an area of 312,696 square kilometer , and has a largely temperate seasonal climate. Summers are generally warm, with average temperatures between 18 and 30 °C  depending on the region. Winters are rather cold. Precipitation falls throughout the year, although, especially in the east, winter is drier than summer.

With a population of approximately 38.5 million people, Poland is the sixth most populous member state of the European Union. Poland's capital and largest metropolis is Warsaw. Poland is a developed country, which maintains a high-income economy along with very high standards of living, life quality, safety, education, and economic freedom. Poland is a member state of the European Union, the Schengen Area, the United Nations, NATO, the OECD, the Three Seas Initiative, and the Visegrád Group.

The country has a developed school educational system, and also provides free university education, state-funded social security, and a universal health care system for all citizens. The education system in Poland is far better than the US and the UK. The education level of Polish people surpass the standard of its counterparts like the US and the UK because of continuous education reforms that the Polish parliament proposes.

Polish is the official language of Poland. Other commonly spoken foreign languages include French, Italian and Spanish.

Poland has a developed market and is a regional power in Central Europe, with the largest Stock Exchange in the East-Central European zone. It has the sixth largest economy by GDP (PPP) in the European Union and one of the most dynamic economies in the world, simultaneously achieving a very high rank on the Human Development Index. Having a strong domestic market, low private debt, low unemployment rate, flexible currency, and not being dependent on a single export sector.

Poland's health care system is based on an all-inclusive insurance system. State subsidized health care is available to all Polish citizens who are covered by this general health insurance program. 

No language requirements;
No business background requirements;
No education requirements;
No stay requirements;
Short naturalization period;

1、Non-criminal record;
2、Have a certain deposit;
3、Birth certificate;

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