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11 Things to know about visiting Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of Europe’s smaller countries and although it’s easily one that’s overlooked when planning any European travel, it’s one of the most charming places in Europe to visit.

The thing with Luxembourg is that it’s relatively small size means its fairly easy to do quite a lot when you visit the country (you could drive from North to South in about 1 – 2 hours) and it also means that the people here are a lot friendlier than you’d typically find in much larger places.

You would think, of course that this would mean there’s less to see or do here but that’s not the case, for instance, we recently returned to try to take in as many castles as possible and I was genuinely surprised at how many we managed to see over that short period alone. Even the city centre in the capital is a UNESCO World Heritage site so it kinda goes to show how much amazing European and indeed Luxembourgish history, there is in this quaint little country.

The language here is incredibly diverse. Yeah, you’ve got Luxembourgish as a language but if you speak any major European language (especially English/French/German), you’re bound to be able to communicate with pretty much any Luxembourger.
A stay in the city centre is a must as its old quarters are a UNESCO World Heritage site and definitely worth a visit.

The ‘most beautiful balcony in Europe’ is in Luxembourg City. It’s called Corniche and if you haven’t been yet, it’s not a balcony quite like the one you have at home though the idea is fairly similar. The balcony have a brilliant view of the old part of the city and is a must-see when you’re in the city.

It’s so easy to get around. It’s best if you drive of course as you have more control but you can drive the length of Luxembourg is less time that it would typically take you to drive through London.

There are lots of impressive castles here. So much more than you would think (we’ll be covering more of that in a future post methinks). One of the most impressive one is Vianden Castle which is set atop a hill and looks almost disney-esque in how dramatic it is.

Luxembourg’s Monarchs aren’t Queens and Kings like you’d typically find across Europe – instead they are Dukes and Duchesses – hence why Luxembourg is referred to a Grand Duchy (its the only remaining one in the world).
The nightlife in the city is, understandably, around the Mousel brewery area in Clausen and nearby Grund. There are lot of bars and clubs here so definitely head here for a great night out.

A trip to Luxembourg is incomplete without a visit to its quaint countryside. Most people seem to arrive just visit the capital city but a lot of Luxembourg’s charm lies outside of its capital so definitely spend a day or two outside the city once you’ve soaked up all the sights.

Luxembourg City is very cyclable. You wouldn’t think it having seen the valley in Grund from Corniche but the city almost exists on two levels which are fairly flat on both levels.

Speaking of Luxembourg City, the city has free wifi everywhere so you won’t have to worry about being stranded without internet when you visit the city.

Luxembourg is bordered by France, Germany and Belgium and is perfect for a tri (or perhaps even quad) country European road trip. Seriously, if you’re nearby, even a quick drive through (or train ride through) is totally worth it.

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