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Will the Coronavirus affect Austria's quota immigration application in 2020?

Austria provides a certain number of immigration quotas worldwide every year. The name of the Austrian quota immigrants should be "residence permit without work permit", which can be applied to all third countries national, the annual target is limited. The goal of this quota is: intending to live in Austria, the main applicants are over 18 years of age, no criminal record, relatively sufficient funds, do not need to work in Austria and sufficient proof of deposit.
Quota immigrants can apply with the whole family or individual. You can enjoy free movement to Schengen area and enjoy the free public education. You can apply for permanent residence after 5 years. Also you can apply for reunion.

The Austrian government introduces its quota to third countries outside the European Union and Switzerland every year. 
Austrian quota immigration in 2020 has already begun. The preparation of materials is the most important and successful first step of immigration!

Austrian quota immigration requirements:
1. Non-criminal record;
2. College degree or above or German A1 level;
3. 45,000 euros of bank deposit;
4. Bank statement for six months;

Austria quota immigration procedure:
The key is to preempt quotas.
1. Eligibility assessment of the applicant;
2. Sign the commission agreement;
3. Prepare application documents;
4. Submit a residence application to the Austrian authorities;
5. The residence permit for the first year is obtained through examination and approval.
6. After entering the country, you should provide medical insurance and obtain a residence permit for the first year.
Austria is a non-immigrant country compare to the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Traditional immigration methods include skilled immigration, investment immigration, and marriage immigration, which are the most popular immigration methods.

Although the recent Coronavirus situation is turbulent, it does not affect the application for Austrian quota immigration. After all, as long as you prepare materials to seize the quota before November. Registration will have to wait until next year, at which time the Coronavirus was already under worldwide control!

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