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The choice of high net worth individuals-German state contributes special residency!

Germany, a beautiful country with mountains and water. With the nourishment of the Rhine, in addition to the beautiful mountains and rivers, Germany's cultural style is also unique.

With the title of the strongest economy in Europe, Germany's economy continues to development. In order to stimulate continued economic growth, the German government has opened its immigration policy since 2005 and it is recognized as an immigrant country. Today, Germany has become one of the most attractive immigration countries, and the immigration to Germany is increasing. German immigrants are second only to the US immigrants, and they are evenly divided with immigrant countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

The advantages of German immigration conditions are also very obvious.
Immigrants to Germany can enjoy most comprehensive and superior German benefits, and you will have the opportunity to experience Germany's prohibition of working on holidays and rest days. Germans can rest for half a year with no pay cut. You can enjoy superior social security and benefits that both spouses. You can also apply for childcare up to 3 years old and continue to receive part of your salary.

Free medical insurance for the whole family. For example: nursing insurance, endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, accident insurance. The government gives a subsidy about 1,000 euros if a child is born in Germany. In addition, Germany encourages childbearing, so families who want more babies can get more government subsidies.

The German life style is rigorous earnest and consider the details of their lives. You will have a good quality of life when you are living in Germany. Germany attaches great importance to environmental protection. So the living environment in Germany is very comfortable and bring the whole family a healthier and more suitable environment.

German state special contribution residency application conditions:
1. Non-criminal record;
2. Set up a company;
3. Purchase 300,000 euros property (any area in Germany);

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