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Portugal will be the next US E1 and E2 treaty country!

The related bill was passed by the US house of representatives.
The local time on 3rd Dec, 2019. The US House of representatives passed the H.R.565-AMIGOS bill, agreeing to list Portugal as the next E1 and E2 treaty country. Currently, the bill has been submitted to the senate, it waiting for the final legislation of the judiciary.

The E-1 and the E-2 visas are non-immigrant work visas issued to specific foreign nationals. The E-1 visa is for those who come to the United States for business activities: the applicants need to engage in substantive commercial trade between the United States and the contracting countries, based on trade volume, continuity and frequency. The E-2 visa is for investors in the United States: it requires substantial and active investment.


Compared with Grenada and Turkey, which are also E2 visa treaty countries. As a European power, Portuguese identity is naturally more cost-effective and reliable. Coupled with the rising real estate value, it is also a safer choice for investors.
Portugal is about to become a party to the United States E2 visa with Portuguese status, which is equivalent to one of the short cuts to immigration to the United States! Portugal will be the focus of  European immigration in the future. 

Portugal residence permit program
1.Perfect welfare.
2.High quality of life.
3. Identity and property can be inherited by your descendants.
4. A family of three generations can apply together.
5.Enjoy high-quality education resources in EU.
6. Medical care in all European countries is open to you.
7. Visa-free in Schengen countries.
8. Allow dual citizenship
1. Non-criminal record;
2. Stay for 7 days in the first year and 14 days every two years thereafter;
3. Investment requirements* for details, please contact us.

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