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Croatia starts the third phase of relaxing of COVID-19 measures 11th May

Croatia is getting back to some kind of normality, albeit a COVID-19 normality, as the third phase of the relaxing of COVID-19 measures come into effect 11th May. Café bars, restaurants and some school classes reopened today after a two-month break due to the coronavirus pandemic. Special regulations apply to the way all these businesses and institutions are working and the message of stay at home has been updated to stay responsible.

The government's plan to relaunch the economy and other activities envisages that the third step includes the work of preschool institution and classes from the 1st to the 4th grade of primary school, as well as work with children with disabilities who have teaching assistants. Although at this early stage the majority of children will still be distance learning with the help of online lessons and special TV lessons. The Minister of Education, Blaženka Divjak, said that there will be about 4,500 students in schools up and down the country, while there may be three times more children in kindergartens.

In the third step of easing the measures, the National Civil Protection Headquarters approved the gathering of up to 40 people instead of five, as well as the operation of shopping centers, restaurants, national parks and nature parks, and rehearsals of artists and cultural workers in small groups.

It also reestablished intercity road, rail and domestic air transport of passengers, and opened bus and train stations for intercity traffic.

The headquarters also repealed the decision to ban leaving the place of residence and permanent residence, the so-called e-pass. Meaning that people are free to move between counties for the first time since the lockdown began.

It also issued a decision allowing Croatian citizens to go abroad and foreign citizens to enter Croatia due to economic interests or urgent personal reasons. Crossing the border requires adherence to the recommendations, but you will no longer have to isolate yourself after entering the country.

However, this decision applies only to the Member States of the European Union, in accordance with EU recommendations, entry from third countries into the territory of the Union is prohibited until 15th June.

An additional easing of measures has been announced from next Monday, 18th May. It will then be possible to re-organize cultural programs and events indoors and outdoors, hold trainings, operate gyms, sports and fitness centers, and open swimming pools.

The novel coronavirus has gradually improved and normal life is just around the corner. Again, in order to prevent policy tightening after the epidemic, please seize the opportunity.

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