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Austrian quota immigration in 2021- early preparation for early layout

Located in central Europe, Austria is a highly developed country with high welfare, free education, and free medical care. Austria is also one of the richest countries in the world. In 2015, the per capital GDP ranked 15th in the world, higher than the well-known German, French, Japanese and other highly developed countries, and the economic environment is good.

Austria has excellent quality of living, great fundamental infrastructure, low crime rate, beautiful environment and fresh air. The capital of Vienna is the most famous music capital of the world. It has been the most habitable city of the world for eight consecutive years. Austria is a permanent neutral country and the official language is German. English is unobstructed in Austria.

Austrian residence permit quotas 
Austria provides a certain number of quotas for global each year. The quotas are: willingness to live in Austria; you are over 18 years old and no criminal records; the funds are relatively abundant, and you must not work or engage in any business or trade. 
The residence card applied for this project is Austrian resident status, and the nature is “private settlement-exception of employment”, and this identity cannot work for others. You can apply for the whole family at the same time. You can apply for the EU permanent residence card after 5 years you hold legally residence permit card. 

1.Non criminal record;
2. College degree or above or German A1 level;
3. 45,000 euros of bank deposit;
4. Bank statement for six months;

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